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New BIGGER Nets - Comparison

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Very similar burn to Ash

Our new nets are 40 litre nets, our old nets were 22 litre nets

You can see from the photo above, our new Oak nets are much bigger than

our old Ash nets and should represent better value for money.


"The lighting from the top down method"

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Why buy in nets and not in bulk bags?

Nets are easier to handle and move

They are easier to stack

We unload them where you want them, the only time you have to touch them is to take them indoors

They are stacked neater, so take up less space

You can just pick up a bag and take them in

You feel like you are getting more in a bulk bag - You’re not you’re getting more spaces

Approx log sizes: 200mm - 250mm long x 50mm to 150mm diameter.

Nets are a far better solution! - We only sell logs in nets

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